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50 States Marathon Club Rules

In 2013, just three years after knee replacement surgery, Hoffman Jr. ran the Savage 7 in Ocala, Florida, a series of seven marathons in seven days. The race begins on December 26 and takes place on a five-mile round trip. A year after college, where she played Division II basketball, Krysten Peek began her SCC journey with a marathon in San Diego. It took six years and trips to Australia, Greece, Brazil, China, Australia and Antarctica to become a member of the club. She ran to the Olympic Stadium in Athens, participated in the Great Wall Marathon, saw whales break through Antarctica, and was even robbed at gunpoint in Rio de Janeiro. 1). A half marathon distance is 21,097.5 meters, which is equivalent to 13.1 miles (21 km). For a race to count towards your 50-state half marathon challenge or 100 half marathons, it must be advertised as an official half marathon race (or half-ironman distance triathlon, see #4).

with official measuring equipment of the race organization that verifies 13.1 miles (or 21 km usually used to measure the trail half marathon), of which they have been publicly advertised as 13.1 (21 km) races in media such as a newspaper, website, magazine, running publication or race brochure, and whose officially verifiable results are maintained and/or made available to the public. The website must specify the distance of the course of 13.1 miles (21k). If not, be sure to email the race before registering, ask if it will be measured at 13.1 miles, and record the email response. (REGISTER YOUR OFFICIAL BIBS FOR VERIFICATION, although we are working to streamline the verification process to make it as easy as possible). **WE ACCEPT A 26.2 FULL MARATHON FOR THE 50 STATES ENDURANCE CHALLENGE, BUT NOT FOR THE 100 HALF MARATHON CHALLENGE** Marathons do not count as half marathons. Even a half marathon must be a gullible measure of 13.1 miles. It does not need to be USATF certified, but it must be a good faith measure. The distances that matter for each challenge can be found on the Challenges page. Weather: Unfortunately, if a race is cancelled due to the weather, it doesn`t count. It`s just the nature of the trip and it will happen once or twice during each person`s trip. Think? The inclusion of other distances delegitimizes the completion of an official “half marathon” challenge.

11. The Finisher Award will be presented at no additional cost to all finishers who have been members of the club, who depend on all registrations and who have been members of the club for more than two years prior to their target date. The paver price can be purchased for $50 for all finishers who depend on all registrations and have been members of the club for more than a year but less than two years before their target date. Finishers who do not meet any of these requirements may choose to purchase the price for $100. Please contact steveboone@aol.com for more information on how to purchase a reward. b. How to count race 1. You can count each race you complete once and only once in relation to your total number.

If you are a member of more than one Road to 50 club (for example, 25 km and 50 km) and you run a 50 km race, you can count this in your 50 km club total OR in your 25 km club total, but not both. 2. If a course goes through multiple states, you can count that course as any state you go through. A race that starts in NH, goes through a VT game and ends in MA can be counted as your NH, VT or MA race, but only one of them. There will be no exceptions, regardless of the length of the race. 3. You do not need to complete a race from the exact distance of the club to count it in this club sum as long as you have COMPLETED AT LEAST the distance of the club. For example, you can run a 35 km race and count towards your total of 25 km club as long as you finish the entire race. (Yes, you still need to cover the entire 35km distance for it to count for anything.) However, you can`t count it as a 25K club run AND a 10K club run. You are entitled to one credit per race, regardless of the total distance.

4. There is no minimum distance for a race that counts as a 50-state finish at the Multi-Distance Club, but all other rules apply. 6. Running a 10 km race four times plus 2.125 km is not a marathon, nor is running a half marathon twice. The 50 State Marathon Club is an elite group. To complete the challenge, you “only” have to complete one marathon in every state in the United States. “How short does it have to be and we will always count it?” says Paula. For a marathon to qualify, it must have at least ten finishers and a sixty-day notification before the race. “You can`t just run a race with your buddies,” Steve said. 1.

A marathon must be the total distance of 26 miles 385 yards (42,195 km), and an ultra is defined as any distance greater than the distance of the marathon. For an uncertified track to count, the race organization must make a good faith effort to ensure that the course is at least the distance of the marathon. The event must be advertised as a marathon or an ultra. The participant must travel the entire circuit as determined by the organizers. The Fifty States Half Marathon Club™ promotes a positive and fun club experience for everyone. Several communication platforms are available for members to be flexible and allow members to make choices (for example, official emails, Google groups, and a selection of social forums). These communication options have the choice of each member. The club`s rules are in place to maintain orderly business operations and to be able to work with the currently low annual contribution rate for tax purposes. 2.

The event must have an announced race director, race organization and/or running club that oversees and assumes responsibility for the event, and must be available to confirm the completion of the distance by the runner. It must have been advertised in a current publication, magazine, newspaper, website or race brochure at least 60 days in advance. Verifiable results must be retained and/or made available to the public. Someone who does not attend the event must be available to time it. 4. Once a member has completed all 50 U.S. states, they must send a list of completed marathons/ultras in each state via email or mail, including: race name, race location, completion date, and finish time to: 50 States Marathon Club P.O. Box 22517 Santa Fe Verification Committee, NM 87502 beth.eddiesfan@gmail.com (Beth Davenport, Verification) batzrunner@aol.com (Paula Boone, Membership) 5.

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